LED Celadon incense holder & Lamp

The Diamond Sutra states: "All conditioned things are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a dewdrop, a lightning flash. You should contemplate them in this way." That is why it is called "Rulu".

Limited Celadon LED incense holder with light!!
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"Rulu" is different from ordinary incense burners, allowing your sense of smell to experience exquisite and fragrant scents while visually perceiving the lines, layers, intensity, and endless changes of the blue smoke, along with boundless imagination.

This type of incense burner is rare in the market, and our quantity is limited. Once sold out, it will not be available anymore!


Tip 1: For best results, use in a slightly dark environment with no wind!

Tip 2: The power cord of this LED incense burner can be changed to battery power, just provide a 12V battery to transform it into a portable incense-viewing burner, free from socket limitations.


[Instructions for Use]

1. Insert the incense stick into the crystal incense holder and place it in the center of the glass dish.

2. Slowly place the glass over the LED in the center of the incense burner.

3. Ignite the incense.

4. Plug in the power cord of the LED incense burner and turn on the switch.

5. Play your favorite music and enjoy a sensory feast of smell, vision, and hearing!



龍泉窯青瓷、蓮花造型LED觀煙香爐 x 1
黑枝木底座x1 (已與香爐結合)
12V電源變壓器x1 (可與香爐分離,換上12V電池即可變身行動觀煙爐)

尺寸: 全高 17.5cm (木底座高約5cm)
瓷器香爐最大直徑約: 14.5cm
瓷器香爐開口直徑約: 9cm


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