@the urban tao short incense series —wild agarwood—10.5cm (length)

All our incense are carefully selected with 100% natural materials, made from wild agarwood!"
1. Suitable for small-sized spaces
2. High cost-performance ratio with low total price
3. Half the specifications without compromising quality
Short incense suitable for metropolitan people
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3.5吋(10.5cm) 短香管 臥香/線香
No.129 x10g 野生馬老奇 (馬拉OK)
No.138 x10g 野生巴布亞倒架
No.156 x10g 野生印度蟲漏
No.166 x10g 野生海南殼沉
No.183 x5g 野生富森紅土

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