the urban tao

For over a millennium, agarwood has held a significant place in history. In ancient times, it was utilized for medicinal purposes and space purification, emanating an exquisite Chinese fragrance with a touch of elegance. In addition to being used in religious ceremonies, the calming effect of agarwood has also been developed for aromatherapy and personal stress relief.


With the advancement of civilization, highly developed and prosperous cities are always closely related to pressure. The inertial fatigue brought about by the repeated mechanical daily life gradually makes us ignore our sensory needs,  leaving little room for rest, relaxation, and nurturing our inner selves.


Emma's "the urban tao" is a promoter of lifestyle art. Deconstructing the classic elements of agarwood, endowing it with a contemporary style, combining agarwood with life, fashion, design, and art across fields, creating a way of healing in the busy urban life.


What's the urban tao ???


Insert agarwood’s core spirit with fashion, clothing, taste, life, and art across fields, and apply In daily life.



Achieve the purpose of stress relief, we show the agarwood from different concepts.



Combine agarwood with different products and fields to develop products, works, activities, courses, etc. that are suitable for urban people. To create a new combination of agarwood that you never know.



Provide products made of ture and natural agarwood to the modern consumers.

the urban tao

It is a lifestyle platform that truly connects agarwood products to our lives.

We aim to guide modern individuals influenced by urban pressures to find their own solutions to enhance their quality of life.


Just like the process of agarwood resin

- Faced with traumas, striving for self-repair, turning the painful process into the most precious nourishment.


May we all achieve a precious self-completion, much like agarwood.





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