Welcome to Emma Agarwood's website for your shopping needs. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully:


1. Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Terms

a. This website, provided by Emma Agarwood (referred to as "the website"), offers services according to these terms and conditions (referred to as "the terms") to members. Your use of a member account for shopping on the website is considered as your acknowledgment, understanding, and agreement to all contents of these terms.


b. If you are under twenty years old, you should have your legal representative read, understand, and agree to these membership terms or subsequent modifications and changes before registering as a member or using these services. Your use of these services is considered as your legal representative having read, understood, and agreed to these membership terms, as well as any modifications or changes.


2. Member Registration and Account Security


a. When applying to become a member of the website, you should provide accurate information (including but not limited to name, date of birth, email address, mailing address), and update it when necessary for the best service. Providing incorrect or false information, failure to update information, omission of necessary information required by the website, infringement of others' rights to name, personality, or intellectual property, or violation of other legal regulations may result in the suspension or termination of your account on the website and refusal to use all or part of this service.


b. All actions using this service under your account after logging in are considered as your own actions, including but not limited to browsing, searching, querying, trading, online card payments, updating personal information, participating in promotions, and other actions related to account rights and interests.


c. Your account, password, and membership rights are exclusively for your personal use and enjoyment. Do not lend, transfer, share them with others. Violations may result in the suspension or termination of your account on the website and refusal to use all or part of this service.


d. If your personal information or related account information is leaked due to circumstances attributable to you, allowing third parties to use it, you shall take full responsibility, and the website will not be involved.


e. You are fully aware that you need to provide accurate personal information and contact information for promotions announced by the website. Omission or distortion of information will result in the loss of eligibility for these promotions.


f. If your account or password is stolen or there is any security issue with your account, you should immediately notify the website.


g. Once the mobile phone number is bound to the account, it cannot be unbound without proper reasons such as account theft, misuse, or other legitimate reasons.


3. Protection of Personal Information


a. Your registration and other personal information are protected according to the "Privacy Statement" of the website.


4. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights


a. You are fully aware that various contents on the website, including but not limited to works, images, audio, web design, photographic works, etc., are protected by intellectual property rights owned by the website and other right holders, and are subject to relevant intellectual property laws. Without the prior written authorization of the rights holder, you are not allowed to use, modify, distribute, reverse engineer, disassemble, or engage in any behavior that violates copyright regulations.


b. You are fully aware that you may not use the aforementioned content for purposes including but not limited to transfer, gift, lease, lending, or sublicense, or engage in any act prohibited by law.


c. In the event of a violation of the aforementioned two provisions, the website may permanently refuse to provide services or revoke your membership and may request compensation for damages incurred, including but not limited to loss of reputation, expenses incurred in lawsuits, legal fees, or damages claimed by third parties.


5. User's Legal Obligations and Commitments


You promise to fully comply with relevant laws of the Republic of China and all international internet usage standards. If you are a user outside the territory of the Republic of China, you also promise to comply with all laws of your country or region. You further promise not to use this service for any illegal activities and to abide by the relevant terms of use of the website. Otherwise, the website may not only suspend your account but also request compensation for damages incurred, including but not limited to the following situations:


a. Impersonating someone else or stealing someone else's account to use this service.


b. Registering multiple accounts with the same membership criteria (same name, phone number, email, etc.).


c. Frequent returns not due to product defects.


d. Publishing or disseminating any defamatory, insulting, threatening, obscene, spam, chain mail, or any form of illegal text, images, or files.


e. Engaging in unauthorized commercial activities through this service or spreading unauthorized multi level marketing messages or advertisements.


f. Harassing, defaming, insulting, or engaging in any behavior that violates general internet etiquette and causes discomfort to other users or third parties.


g. Using any equipment, software, or program to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the website or the use of other users.


h. Violating the confidentiality obligations stipulated in these membership terms or by law.


i. Infringing upon the privacy rights, personality rights, reputation rights, trade secrets, trademark rights, copyright, patent rights, and other rights of the website or others.


j. Exchanging the right to use this service for cash, goods, or other economic benefits in ways not prescribed by the website.


k. Unauthorized use of the database content of the website.


l. Other behaviors deemed inappropriate by the website.


6. Notification of Activity Changes


The website may add, modify, or terminate relevant activities according to actual execution and has the right to choose the most appropriate way to notify members.


7. Validity of Any Provision of These Terms


You agree that if any provision of these membership terms is declared invalid by a judicial authority, it will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


8. Disclaimer


1. The website has the right to stop or interrupt the provision of this service under the following circumstances:

a. Replacement, upgrading, maintenance, or construction of related software and hardware equipment of this service.

b. Sudden electronic communication equipment failure.

c. Natural disasters or other force majeure factors that make it impossible for the website to


 provide services.


2. The company is not responsible for any direct, indirect, or derivative property or non-property damage caused by users' use of this service or resulting from the use of this service.


3. Users should back up the text, images, and other data uploaded in their messages by themselves; the company is not responsible for any loss or damage due to the complete or partial destruction of its content for any reason.


4. The company is not responsible for any warranty obligations or guarantees related to the use of this service or the results thereof, nor does it guarantee that the software related to this service is complete or will be corrected.


5. All comments, opinions, or actions you make in this site are solely your own and do not represent the company's position. The company does not guarantee the correctness of user-claimed identities.


6. The company is not obligated to be responsible for any threats, defamation, obscenity, or any other illegal behavior that occurs in this service or through this service.


7. Regarding all goods or services you purchase or obtain through this service or provided, sold, or delivered by sponsors or advertisers of the company, you shall bear the possible risks or negotiate with the provider of the goods or services according to the law for compensation. The company is not involved, and the company is not responsible for any liability.


9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction


The interpretation and application of the membership terms and any disputes arising from these membership terms shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China, and the Taipei District Court shall be the court of first instance.


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