Return & exchange instructions

  • According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, consumers enjoy the rights and interests of the 7-day commodity appreciation period. The next day after the consumer completes the signature receipt, it is counted until the 7th day, which is a 7-day appreciation period (including holidays).
  • If you need to return or exchange goods, please complete it within the 7-day appreciation period. If the appreciation period has exceeded 7 days (including holidays), return and exchange services cannot be provided.
  • Please maintain the integrity of the original goods and the original packaging. If there is a shortage of goods or defaced packaging, return and exchange services cannot be accepted.
  • If the goods received are defective or damaged, please fill in the requirements on the "Restocking Requirements" page of the transaction record within 7 days of receiving the goods, or call the customer service staff directly. We will fully protect your shopping rights and interests.
  • For return and exchange processing; please bear the postage and send back the goods by yourself, and be sure to keep the delivery receipt for future inquiry needs.
  • If you have obtained a paper invoice, please return it together at the time of return.
  • When processing the replacement, after we confirm that the goods we received are eligible for replacement, we will send your replacement goods in about 3-5 working days.
  • When processing the return, after we confirm that the goods we received are eligible for the return, the refund action will be completed within about 7 working days.


  • For the exchange of goods, you can only replace the "originally purchased goods of the same item".
  • Returned goods can enjoy preferential discounts in the order (for example; free shipping, combined goods... etc.), all the ordered goods of the whole order must be returned, please note that a single return cannot be accepted.
  • Think carefully before ordering. If the goods are returned and exchanged frequently maliciously; or if the goods are damaged due to personal factors and deliberately make it difficult to request the replacement of goods, please forgive the company's inability to provide services related to return and exchange.


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