Brand story

The diverse appearance of agarwood makes agarwood shrouded in a confused and charming smoke, attracting many people to wander in it. The wispy light smoke and indescribable breath trigger the throbbing in the heart, which is the original intention of Emma to explore, leading slowly into this remote foggy forest.


Emma firmly believes that the enchanting charm of the mysterious smoke stems solely from the authenticity of agarwood. Over the past 30 years, Emma Agarwood has traveled to 16 major primeval rainforest regions, opened up Asian collectors' awareness of fine agarwood, and established the status of rare agarwood collections.


Since its establishment, Emma Agarwood has insisted on using top natural wild raw materials to create daily fragrances.  Through collaborations with high-profile partners, it has created the Urban Tao platform, redefining agarwood by blending contemporary perspectives with art and paying homage to nature. This transformation has resulted in a lifestyle boutique that exudes both style and aesthetics.


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